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Reading and writing can be tough, but the thrill of adventure is always worth it.

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The Chapter Chaser Difference

Research-Based and Customizable

Chapter Chaser implements learning styles and techniques that are supported by educational research. Whether the student is a visual, auditory, or interactive learner, Chapter Chaser will customize his/her program to meet those unique needs. Chapter Chaser is also a supporter of learning disabilities. Learn more about the research here.

Having Fun While Learning

Today, students are feeling burned out due to “uninteresting” reading material provided by schools. In order to become a stronger reader and writer, students should enjoy the work they are accomplishing. Chapter Chaser allows its students to choose from a selection of books based on their personal interests/favorite genres. This way, students are learning the Common Core standards while also enjoying the stories they adventure in. Learn more about the Program Options here.

Local and Growing

Chapter Chaser is committed to serving the Central New Jersey and Central Delaware Valley regions. Sessions are held at either the library, bookstore, or other public location that is the most convenient to the student. Learn more about location and hours here.

One-to-One Attention

Tutoring does not only build academic confidence, but it creates a unique relationship between student and teacher as well. Chapter Chaser is committed to giving students the best tutoring experience, both educationally and socially. The tutor, Colleen, is an energetic educator that strives to help students in all ways possible. Learn more about the tutor here.

Proven Success

For years, Colleen has helped students of all ages achieve their academic goals. Since its beginning in Fall 2019, Chapter Chaser has helped students improve their reading performance, writing skills, and standardized tests scores. Learn more by checking out the testimonials here.

Educational Resources

By joining the email list, you will receive notifications of Chapter Chaser’s blog updates. The posts contain valuable information regarding reading, writing, and test-taking tips. Learn more by reading some posts here.


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