Founder, Tutor

B.A. English, Certificates in Creative Writing and Public History, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Colleen Nester is the name.

Reading and writing have always been very important to me. As a creative writer at heart, I am currently working to publish the countless books I’ve written, which are currently taking up way too much of my hard drive. However, writing stories about aliens and the Bubonic Plague is only half of what I love to do. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to teach others how to build their reading and writing skills. So, although creating new adventures may be my passion, my purpose is to help others grow and succeed. That’s why I started Chapter Chaser.

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Throughout my academic career, I have worked hard to be the best scholar possible. At Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, I was involved in dozens of writing workshops, literature discussions, and historical research projects. I’ve also won numerous writing and academic awards (Rutgers University’s Winter Showcase 2017, Karen DeLisle Scholarship, and an MTV writing contest, to name a few). Now, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English in tow–-as well as certificates in both Creative Writing and Public History-–I am committed to sharing my knowledge and skills to help inspire future generations to work hard for their goals.

As a former employee of the professional tutoring businesses, The Tutoring Center and Huntington Learning Center, I have had the pleasure of seeing how rewarding individualized teaching can be. My students have conquered their fears, flourished in rising English grades, and celebrated with higher standardized test scores in hand.

Tutoring is all about helping someone hone his/her inner academic strength and use it to accomplish what may seem to be the impossible. Reading and writing are arguably two of the most important skills one can have today, no matter what career path one chooses to follow in the future. It is my mission to guide students to use their individual strength and creativity in order to form a greater understanding of how to read and write professionally.

By growing confidence in one’s abilities, one’s world will positively grow as well.