Program Options


No matter the type of session, I make sure to make the tutoring experience the most worth-while and enjoyable. Unlike other tutoring centers and private teachers, I cater to my student’s creativity, confidence, and concerns. Every session, I take into account my student’s comfort level with each skill we cover. With that said, I also encourage each student to break their comfort zone and challenge themselves. It is my job to help my students reach their academic and personal goals, and the following programs can help them do so.

The sessions provided are customized for each student. Also, program types can be interchanged. For example, a student may have “The Achiever” program one day of the week and then “The Scholar” program on a different day.

Reading & Writing

  • The Achiever (1 hour)

  • The Philosopher (2 hours)

  • The Scholar (3 hours)

The Reading & Writing programs help build important comprehension and critical thinking skills. The passages students read are based on their interests, so no need to worry about the work being boring. Other skills such as editing, proofreading, and vocabulary building are also covered. For students who find themselves struggling in English or History–or those who want to strengthen their verbal skills–this is the program that will best suit those needs.

Phonics (1 hour)

The Phonics program is built to help those who are having difficulty in reading, both aloud and silently. Made for all ages, this program digs deep into the relationship between written words and sound. The Phonics program will not only help students become better readers, but it will also build their vocabulary and increase their confidence.

Homework Help (1 hour)

Homework Help is designated time for the student and I to go over schoolwork. Not only will I help them with assignments, but I will also coach them in how to organize/schedule projects, study for tests, and effectively learn the required material. This program is great for any student. The skills built within this program will help with present classes as well as future ones.

Test Prep (Reading/Writing/Essay)

  • SAT (2 hours)

  • ACT (2 hours)

With each session lasting two hours, both the SAT and ACT Test Prep programs are designed to help students reach their score goals. Students learn about and thoroughly practice each type of question found on the standardized tests. Also, students will learn important vocabulary words and roots, which are essential to know for test-taking. At the end of the Reading and Writing sections, students have the option to end the sessions, continue with more practice, or to switch over to learning/practicing the Essay portions of the exams. In the past, I’ve had students raise their scores by 100 points in only a few weeks. This program is for those who are serious about doing their absolute best on the SAT/ACT.


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