Hello, beautiful followers! In the time of spring and new beginnings, I have some exciting news to share:

I made a Patreon!

There I will post my original creative works (poetry, short stories, novels, interactive games, and more)! As a recent college grad who is just starting to adjust in the real world, the realities of money and budgeting have hit home like a freight train. I’m not expecting much out of this Patreon, but any donation would be incredibly appreciated.

Besides, the REAL reason I created the page is to develop a closer relationship with YOU! As I’ve said before, I write to fulfill the needs and desires of others. I want to create great content that you will enjoy and feel just as passionate about as I do.

Chapter Chaser will still remain as a media review site, and I have some big plans for its expansion in the future. My YouTube channel, Retsen, will also be having new videos coming out soon, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you so much for everyone who has stuck with me, and I look forward to creating great content for us to talk about!

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