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“Baby Driver” Review

        When I sat down in that cup-holder recliner, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. From the first scene to the last, Edgar Wright’s, “Baby Driver,” is an experience that will challenge speed limits as viewers drive home from the theaters.

        Our protagonist, Baby (yes, that’s his name), played by Ansel Elgort, is a young guy who knows how to spin the wheel at the right time. As if he was plucked from a “Fast & Furious” film, Baby has an extraordinary talent for crazy driving, which makes him a first choice pick for Kevin Spacey’s character, Doc—a crime boss at his finest.

        The story isn’t like other high-action, big explosion, driving films you may have seen last summer; but it definitely has elements, of course. One of my favorite scenes is when the music syncs to the shootings happening on screen. Music plays an enormous factor in the telling of this story. Everything from classic Queen to Baby’s own mixes, this film will have your foot tapping during the most intense car heists. Unlike some other big-action blockbusters, however, “Baby Driver” uses its intense scenes tastefully. Not once did I feel bombarded with too many jump cuts and slow-motion explosions. Everything that was done kept me to the edge of my seat, without giving me a headache. This with some popcorn makes the perfect Friday night.

      Besides the mesmerizing driving skills of Baby, one of the most surprising things I took away from this film was its character development. Everyone from the protagonist to the supporting cast—including the badass, Jamie Foxx—showed his/her true colors. With these depths, Wright has no mercy with twisting the audience’s heartstrings. The “bad guys” make you remorseful; the “good guys” make your blood boil. Without spoiling the film, I can confidently say that the ending fight scene was not what I was expecting. However, despite the surprises (which I honestly prefer), “Baby Driver” left me shaken with a remnant of one small single tear. Touching, I know.

         If you’re looking for the perfect summer film to go see with your pals, “Baby Driver” is one to heavily consider. It has the action, the humor, the romance, and that satisfying feeling only a good movie can deliver. So flip on the ignition, blast that Queen, and head to the theaters… and try not to blow any red lights.


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