April 22

Sitting here in the quad,
I see the empty Pepsi cans rolling,
Camels snugged between the tables’ crevices.
I smell the thick exhaust of the cars passing above,
The sweetness of the nose-tickling spring breeze.
I hear the banters of chess,
Followed by thoughts of the long-missed warm weather.

White flowers spiral from branches like snow,
Drifting across the gum-kissed concrete.
Perhaps they are journeying to somewhere sunny,
For the sun is taking a peaceful nap behind the clouds.

I sit here and watch the faces,
Wondering who they are,
Where they’ve been,
Where they’re going.

I then see someone recycling.
I then feel some rain.
It drips onto the ink.
Perhaps its time to put the pen away.

I just remembered,
Today is Earth Day.


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