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10 Great Soundtracks for Writing

If you’re like me, and you love to listen to music while you write your next epic narrative, here are some great soundtracks to get your imagination flowing (and to also break the wall of that pesky thing called “writer’s block”)!

“The Last Samurai” — Hans Zimmer

“Avatar: The Last Airbender” — Jeremy Zuckerman and Benjamin Wynn

“Titanic” — James Horner

“The Last of Us” — Gustavo Santaolalla

“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” — Hans Zimmer

“The Witcher 3” — Marcin Przybylowicz

“Braveheart” — James Horner

“The Fountain” — Clint Mansell

“Sinister” — Christopher Young

For all you horror nuts out there.

“The Hunger Games” — James Newton Howard


These are only a few of amazing soundtracks that will assist your writing. If you’ve never listened to music while creating a story before, I suggest that you start out by putting that pen down (or keyboard) and find which song corresponds best with the scene you are about to write. Forget about the original soundtrack’s story; adapt the music to fit your own narrative, as if that composer wrote it just for you.

For more soundtracks, you can simply type in “Films Scores” or “Game Soundtracks” (those are usually what I type, but any genre works) and you’ll come across countless lists of inspiration.

Happy writing! 🙂

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